Web-based Application (ASP.Net MVC) Services

AIM uses the Microsoft Visual Studio library of tools to plan, develop, and deliver modern webapps and business intelligence portals.

Webapp features we provide include responsive design, mobile and desktop pages, user profile management and authentication, social media branding, eCommerece, and Search Engine Optimization.

WebApp Features

WebApp Design Features
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom CSS Style Sheets
  • Navigation, Menus, Buttons, & Forms
  • Font Management
  • Multi-Media Driven
  • Branding, Themes, Logos, Diagrams, Figures
  • Social Media Publishing
WebApp Architecture Features
  • User Profile Management
  • Social Media Login
  • Web Page Routing
  • Product Catalog Management
  • eCommerce Shopping Carts | PayPal
  • Email Collection and Harvesting
  • Search Engine Optimization
WebApp Presentation Features
  • Desktop and Mobile Views (Pages)
  • JavaScript Carousels, Sliders, & Accordions
  • Alerting and Validation
  • Layout (Master Page) Designs
  • Newsletters, User Forums, Coupons
  • FavIcon for Shared Views (Pages)
  • About and Contact Pages with Email Services
  • Bing Map Pin Points and Interactive GPS
Why Develop a WebApp?

Methodology Choices

Agile Methodology

Waterfall Methodology

Dev-Ops and Team Foundation Server (TFS)


Team Foundation Server (TFS)